Nail Shatter

So when I first saw this trend popping up…I had to find out who makes this amazing nail polish & how I could get my hands on it!

OPI’s Shatter nail polish can be painted over any color to give it the edgy & delicious effect you see below. Apparently it is part of the line that Katy Perry has created with OPI. I’ve searched & can’t find a reliable source to purchase the polish…so if you know where it is available, please let me know!


The new OPI Black Shatter nail polish is one that will crack on its own, giving your digits an ancient yet modern and chic look.


OPI Black Shatter is flying off of shelves and giving girls a DIY leopard-print nail. After painting your nails whichever colour you prefer and letting them dry, you can use OPI Black Shatter as a top coat over your colored polish. After a few seconds, the top coat cracks, letting your base color shine through.


OPI recently released a “Black Shatter” crack polish as part of a celebrity nail polish collection collaboration with tennis star and nail fanatic Serena Williams as well as pop star and California girl Katy Perry.

How to DIY ur nail shatter

Step 1: Start with clean nails and apply your base coat.

Step 2: Apply your nail color as usual. Depending on the colors your use, you can get away with using a single coat as long as it’s even. While skipping the top coat, allow your nails to completely dry so the crack polish doesn’t penetrate to the nail color and dissolve it. Your manicure will be splotchy if you skip this important step.


Step 3: Apply a thin coat of crack polish, making sure not to go over the same section more than once.


Step 4: Depending on the brand of crack polish you use, this step is optional. OPI “Black Shatter” has a matte black finish so you can leave it matte or apply a topcoat for a high gloss finish.

So after like 4 weeks of waiting since it was sold out EVERYWHERE I finally got my OPI Katy Perry “Shatter” Nail Polish!

This polish is AMAZING! So pretty much you just paint your nail with a base color of whatever color you want to show through the cracks. Then you paint a layer of this “Shatter” Nail polish and something in the formula will actually crack away to reveal the base color underneath.

The design looks amazing! This very cool nail polish is definitely worth $8.50 (:

Get your hands on it if you can (:





While surfing the Web in search of new e-commerce features, I came across a new way to set up an online store, where you don’t even need a shopping cart on your Web site. Better yet, it’s social media-friendly.

We know social marketing has now taken over e-marketing methods such as electronic mailers, which can be annoying and treated as spam, which means most electronic mailers that merchants send out don’t even reach inboxes or get seen by their customers.

Moreover, increasingly more people are swarming over to join their favorite brand’s fanpage or groups on Facebook, which enables them to control status updates and news that they like to see on their Facebook homepage.

So, having a one-step process for your customers to buy directly from your Facebook fanpage minimizes dropout rates, which all merchants hate, especially after having to direct customers through at least a three-step process in an electronic mailer.

I am the one who have run shop online on Facebook 🙂

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Jacket Trends

For fall, 80′s inspired looks and styles are hitting the shelves this season. To get the hottest jacket looks for fall 2011, here are 4 must-have pieces to added to your closet. Keep a look out for boyfriend/blazers, military, leather, motorcycle, and the uber cropped jackets. Check out the latest jacket trends this fall season.

1. Leather/Motorcycle Jacket- Very popular and so many celebs are giving leather jackets some love. From Lindsay to Mischa, motorcycle jackets is a hot trend this fall.

2. Military Jacket- This trend has spread like wildfire since the death of late pop icon Michael Jackson. His legendary and stylish military jackets from the 80′s was his signature look and has found its way back into the fashion world.

3. Cropped Jacket- It’s a great item for fall because it can go with everything from skirts to pants. It amps up any outfit and is figure flattering

4. Boyfriend/Blazer Jacket- The classic 80′s jacket. I love blazers especially the sharp-shoulders look. You can pair it up with an evening dress or dress it up with a pair of boyfriend jeans and a tee.

If  you are looking for jacket let’s go to check fast fashion stores like Topshop and Zara , the price is a bit high but it a good quality .

special interview


The first thought that came to my mind when I heard that I had to interview someone, I was so excited. I knew who I was going to interview. Since I was a child, I always loved dressing up. Whenever I go somewhere, dressing up is always my favorite part. This could be the only reason why I decided to interview a person who currently has the career on clothing and stylish. Her name is Fiadar. Actually, she is like a sister whom I’ve known over a year from social network. It was quite easy to get an interview Fiadar.


Fiadar is thirty years old living with the family of nine members and she was the eighth of nine siblings. Fiadar, is a girl with talent, caliber, willingness and determination. But God seem heartless to her since she was born. Fiadar ‘s family faced a poor financial situation and she was thinking that in order to help the family financially, she had to drop out of high school. She said that, “I felt very bad and a bit mad at my parents because I couldn’t understand why my parents told me to drop out of high school. I thought that getting an education is the only way to get a better job.”

After dropping out of high school she ran a small bakery shop for eight months until she had a little fight with her father which changed her life totally. She decided to move out and then lived with her aunt. While she was living there, she helped her run the business and then was able to go back to school. Aside from this, she also signed up for beauty class in makeup. During this time she also worked as a part time make-up artist. Fiadar became very busy and tired because she worked part time as a make-up artist, helped her aunt run the business and also studied. Thus she then decided to drop out of university but it was not help to cover the cost of living for her own. (I felt bad for her when she mentioned this part.) However, she looked very proud of herself while she described her feelings about being responsible for her family and her own.

After she dropped out of university, she decided to open a small second hand clothes shop. I politely asked her that “what inspired you to conduct this business?” She replied me back that “I really enjoy dressing up for people, and when people come into my store, I suggest them individual outfit that make them look fantastic. They look really happy. I also like knowing that people’s happiness are increased because of what I do.”

Fiadar had owned the fashion shop for five years since she dropped out from Ramkhamhang University, Bangkok. She told me that “To establish a fashion business is not easy as what she think.” She started from the local market. She had to move around to get market space three times per day for three year; in the morning, in the afternoon and end up with night market. After she had enough budgets, she decided to open her fashion shop in a shopping mall. About three years later, Fiadar had chance to travel in Hua-Hin. She found that she loves this city and with her luck she found the place to open her shop in Hua-Hin Market Village. Then she decides to move to Hua-Hin.


I feel that Faidar only focus on fashion business.It makes me consider that “What it’s liked in this business?” When she answered this question I noticed that her eyes were extremely droopy. Then, she was raising her eyebrows back again. She said, “I have to organize schedules and pay attention closely to my finance and accounting because once I was betrayed by my employees so I learned from my mistakes. Catching up on trends is also hard moment for me because fashion is unstable. There are always new trends releasing every day.”
Escaping from all the confusions in Bangkok to Hua-hin, Fiadar had more time for herself, so she started learning about computer and all the Programs by starting with Photoshop, internet and web design until she became an expert. She turned herself to the online business by using social networking supported her online shop which is very famous. For me, she is a success person. I really like to know “what is it likes to become a real working women and successful at very young age.” She described with her confidence that she feel very proud of herself. She said, “Living without education is the great pressure ever in my teenager life. I went through almost everything and it’s not easy for me to deals with stress and pressure that surrounding me which I just want to get money to support myself and my family. But at the end, I can make it happened and I feel very proud of myself.”


All In all, from my point of view I think Fiadar is amazing person I’ve ever known. Since she went through the storm in her life she then realizes that life is about living. She said that, “It’s what should be yours will be yours eventually. But the more you pursue materialistic things the more ‘hungry’ you become and you’ll end feeling poor rather than rich.” I really impressed the way she think about life. Last thing that she left for me is she believes that anything is possible but she guesses fate plays a big part in our lives. She said that, “I’m not saying that people should rely completely on fate alone but with enough perseverance and hard work, people could at least make our life more meaningful than whatever it is at the moment.” I think this is very true statement of life and thank you to Fiadar for all the inspiration from this interview.


ฺBodycon Skirts

Bodycon Skirts or Bandage Skirts have been gracing the bodies of many female celebrities these days, and it just seems as though we cannot get enough of this super hot trend. Many of us may feel a little self-conscious about this very tight fitted look, but we can all wear it and have it look very slimming. While there are many different ways to wear this look

Bodycon skirts were one of the hottest trends back in the 50’s and now it’s still a trending topic. It shows your inner beuaty, especially the curve of your butt. I personally love bodycon skirts. They go well with many things. Anyways, I have many great ideas to share and I hope they look well on you and hope it helps. Here it some trip how to wear a ฺBodycon Skirts or Bandage Skirts

1. Wear it with a blazer and a tank.
This look is very common on the runway. It is one of my favourite styles and I have worn something like this before. It may seem a little overrated, but if you know what accesories and shoes to pair it up with, then baby you’re on the roll! Wear a basic plain tank if you aren’t much of a colourful person. If not, wearing a nice sequin top or detailed top with patterns would do great too. Any colour would do, as long as it matches well with the colour of your skirt. Then add in a boyfriend blazer. A navy one or black or grey blazer will do good too.

2. Ready for Work

Yes, although these skirts are very form fitting, they can still be worn to work! As long as you wear them with the right outfit, you will be able to stay professional and classy. Make sure that you have a bandage skirt that is a little longer if you want to wear it to work. The hem should come right to the knee or past it. Wear a nice button down blouse, opaque tights, pumps and limited accessories. Wear a simple necklace or a man’s watch for a statement piece or a silk scarf draped along your collar.

I love bodycon Skirt because it can present in many style

Sunglasses for Summer

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your style with the right pair of SUNGLASSES. The great thing about shades is that no matter what your budget is, you are guaranteed to find a designer pair that not only looks glamorous, but doesn’t break the budget.

The newest trend in eyewear are round-shaped sunnies John Lennon-style. Lots of celebrities have been wearing this shape lately. What do you think of this style? I’ve heard that when you choose sunglasses you are supposed to choose a shape that contrasts with your face shape. Since I have a round-shaped face, I don’t think round sunnies would look all that great on me. I tend to go with aviators or wayfarers. But if you have a heart, square, or oval-shaped face you may want to give this new trend a try!

Round sunglasses take a fresh, modern approach to a cool vintage look (did you know that round glasses were the first in that market and glasses have gradually become more and more rectangular).Round glasses were recently popularised by Lady Gaga who has been wearing them all the time since “Paparazzi” video. Today it’s also Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham andMary-Kate Olsen who got inspired. But the fact is that no-one has ever worn round glasses in a more iconic way than John Lennon. Never ever.

Believe it or not, those circular frames are definitely in style this season. We’ve seen it on many artists in earlier years, from musicians to intellects, and our dear John Lennon has wore it best! Luckily, this trendy pair of eyewear is coming back and has already appeared in several recent women’s and men’s collections, such as Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Ralph Lauren. This 80’s inspired sunglasses give you that vintage-hippy yet soft round look many of you might be looking for. And for those ladies with a square face, they are an absolute target! They come in many colors, usually bright ones, and sizes, so make your pick. They are vintage classic for sure.

I never own round sunglasses but i have try some of it and i feel i love it 🙂

my inspiration to present this trend of sunglasses because my sister (fiadar) she love this glasses

and she cut her hair because she want to wear the round glasses ( i think it too funny)

and i think she looking good with the round glasses.. let’s see



The Right Sunglasses Will Brighten Up Your Future